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  1. Are there any restaurants in South Carver or nearby towns_

  1. Are there any restaurants in South Carver or nearby towns_
    Yes, but not many. The restaurants listed below are listed as a public service only. Neither Edaville USA nor www.edaville.org endorse any of them. Carver is a relatively small town, and most of the restaurants cater to a breakfast and lunch crowd and are closed by mid-afternoon. There are a handful of pizza restaurants along Route 58 that are open into the evening hours. Wareham, about 5 miles south of Edaville, has a number of "family-style" restaurants that offer varied menus, have good food and are reasonably priced. "Vel's" and "Zeadey's" are two of the more popular. Plymouth, 8 miles east of Edaville USA, offers the largest selection of restaurants in the area. There are very good restaurants at both the Governor John Carver hotel and at the Plymouth Sheraton. There are also a few "family-style" restaurants, such as the Colonial, and the upscale (reservations required) Isaacs, which overlooks Plymouth Harbor. Phone numbers for all of these restaurants can be located in the yellow pages.

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